Atlas Gloves an Essential Gardening Accessory

These Atlas “Touch” Gloves are my first pair of gardening gloves to last an entire season of heavy-duty use.

Can you imagine how many pairs of gardening gloves I’ve worn out in a lifetime of gardening chores? I couldn’t begin to count them.

Any gloves that didn’t get worn out, probably weren’t worn. Like most gardeners, I start out with my gloves on, but about halfway through the gardening tasks I take them off. Sometimes it’s to get a better grip on a teeny-tiny weed or it’s because the gloves start to feel uncomfortable.

Then I forget to put the gloves back on.

However, that changed this season when I found the super-duper durable Atlas “Touch” Gloves.

I’ve put these gloves to the test throughout this spring and summer. They aren’t as attractive as they were they day I got them, but they’re still in one piece and the fit is just like wearing a protective second skin.

I put them on each morning when I walk into the garden and I don’t take them off until I’m ready to quit for the day. These are tough gloves with a Nitrile coating on the fingers and palms, but a nylon knit that makes them lightweight and breathable.

Because I fell in love with these gloves, I wanted to share them with other gardeners. So I tracked down a retailer and asked her to become the newest advertiser on my website.

Lisa Ziegler, owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, told me, ” We also love the gloves. We are cut-flower farmers and these gloves are one of the of the reasons I began a mail-order catalog in 2005.”

Lisa said she also gives presentations and when she mentioned the gloves to her audiences, gardeners told her they weren’t easy to find.

“One thing led to another and here we are. We only sell tools, supplies and seeds that we actually use in our cut-flower farm ourselves, which is a bit different than most retailers.”

I’m pleased to have The Gardener’s Workshop advertising Atlas “Touch” Gloves on my website. They come in four sizes and six colors…and Lisa’s offering them at a special price with FREE shipping to readers.

To order a pair, just click here or on the Atlas Gloves ad in the sidebar.

After you’ve had a chance to try a pair, please let me know what you think.


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Jodi – I have a pair of these and I would echo – best gardening gloves I’ve ever had. I have a question for you however – I haven’t put them to a really tough test so far. Have you used them with particularly thorny plants? When it comes to really ‘pokey’ or thorny plants do you think these would perform better than leather? I ask because I need to bring some gloves gorilla trekking in Uganda and I’m wondering whether to get another pair of these to bring along or to go with leather. Thoughts?

Hi Gretchen–and other readers interested in Atlas Gloves. I asked Lisa Ziegler, owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, how well the Touch gloves hold up to thorns. Here’s her reply:

I never claimed any thorn protection until I was giving a lecture to the Rose Society and one of the members piped right up and said she uses her Atlas “Touch” (only comes in colors) gloves in her rose gardens with no problem. Another note is the “Tough” (in black only) Atlas glove is a little heavier than the colored touch gloves (double dipped in Nitrile) and they claim they outwear leather and we have found it to be true. They fit and wear as the Touch glove. I personally wear the Touch in the summer and the Tough in the winter months for more protection.

If you want to try the Tough we will give the free shipping on that style as we are on the Touch glove for Western Gardener readers.

Things to consider- Atlas gives no arm protection which is sometimes a worse injury than to your hands. We love the Foxglove Gauntlet for the very situation, they will protect you from any beast in the garden- machine washable and they last forever- we will also offer you the free shipping on these for your trip.

To receive free shipping on the Tough or Gauntlet glove- use the promotion code: GC at checkout.


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