Arbor Day Foundation Planting is Good Idea

These evergreens, provided by the Arbor Day Foundation, were planted as seedlings during the summer of 2000.

When I moved into my suburban Denver home in 1999, the backyard didn’t have much to offer. The yard was covered in beautiful bluegrass and there was one tall poplar tree growing against the fence where it provided shade for my neighbor, but not for me.

That’s why I jumped at the offer by the Arbor Day Foundation for free evergreen seedlings. The Arbor Day Foundation is a non-profit conservation and education organization dedicated to planting trees. Started in the early 1970s, the foundation has a million members that have helped plant millions of trees.

I created a tree nursery in a special area of the yard, planted the seedlings and waited patiently for them to turn into lovely trees.

It was after a snowstorm just last week when I noticed how tall and beautiful my evergreens are. Birds can land on their now stout branches as they fly through the yard.

I’ve tended these trees since they were babies. I made sure they got plenty of water during times of drought. I gently brushed heavy snow off their delicate branches during fierce storms. I transplanted them so I could admire them from my kitchen window.

Whenever I walked past them on my way to the garden, I’d gauge their progress. When they started to grow up, I’d lightly brush my hand over each tree top as I walked by. Now they’re so tall, I have to stretch to reach the tops.

I believe in the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission so much, that for holiday gifts I sent friends Give-A-Tree cards.  With each card, a tree is planted in a National Forest in the recipient’s name to help with replanting efforts.

I hope you’ll stop by to learn more about The Arbor Day Foundation and consider adding a few trees to your yard this spring.


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