April Gardening is too Early for Cucumbers

lemon-cucumbers-blog1Cucumbers are warm-season vegetables that need warmer weather before planting.

It sure felt a lot like winter around here on Saturday with chilly temperatures and a spring snowstorm that was more rain than snow. I forced myself out into storm three times to shake the snow off the evergreens and a few shrubs to keep the branches from breaking.

Sunday’s temperatures in the 60s made the snow disappear and the storm was soon a distant memory. With the sun shining again, gardeners flocked to the garden center down the road to take advantage of the pre-Earth Day specials.

Home Depot was offering buy-one-get-one-free vegetable and perennial plants and these were flying off the shelves. I found a small lavender plant to replace the one that doesn’t look like it survived the dry winter. It shouldn’t be hard to find a spot for the free one either.

While I was scanning the shelves, I couldn’t help but overhear a couple discussing their purchases. Their cart was full of tomato plants and the husband was complaining how he couldn’t find any cucumber plants.

Because this is still April–and this is Colorado–I recommend waiting to put warm-season plants in the ground. We have one more month of opportunities for cold and snowy weather.

Even when the thermometer reads 70 degrees, it’s best to resist the siren call of planting until after the last average frost date. This is the final day in spring when the area might have a killing frost. Just keep in mind that in 1951 Denver gardeners had a frost on June 2. (Check with your county extension for the last frost date for your area.)

There’s one more word of advice for the guy looking for cucumber plants right now. Wait until the weather warms and then plant from seed. You’re sure to get a better crop.

What’s the one vegetable you can’t wait to plant?


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Would like to know if you can use the seed from the lemon cuxcumbewr to use the next year growth.

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