A Thank You Bouquet for Green Gardeners

Gardeners across the country contributed their green gardening tips to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary.

Many thanks to all the gardeners who shared their green gardening tips on Earth Day–each of you deserves a bouquet of spring flowers from my garden for taking time to post your suggestions for how to grow greener.

According to this gardening bunch, it seems like every day is Earth Day.

From gardeners who say this is their first year to attempt gardening to seasoned pros, they posted the gardening ideas that work for them while composting, vermicomposting, starting seeds, planting, recycling and more.

Thanks to each of you for taking time to post your ideas here. It shows that gardeners are a conscientious bunch, willing to go the extra mile to “Frankenstein” old plastic storage boxes, like Anna does. Or to freeze table scraps as a way to help them break down for faster composting, like Marc recommends.

Seasonal Wisdom suggests planting more natives and drought-tolerant plants and Kitty says she recently dug up half of her front lawn to put in more veggies, herbs and a few flowers.

Jenny deserves extra credit for storing her compostable kitchen scraps and transporting them weekly to compost piles at a client’s house. And Julia reminds us that we need to share the vegetable bounty and not let it go to waste.

Because there were so many good tips, everyone will receive a token of my appreciation from either Authentic Haven Brand soil conditioner teas or aHa! Modern Living for contributing to the Earth Day celebration yesterday…and everyday.


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