A Gardening Frenzy at Pickens Tech Sale

The annual plant sale at Pickens Tech is a frenzy of activity as gardeners load up their carts and wagons with colorful hanging baskets, patio pots, veggies, herbs and perennials.

pickens-tech-1-blog1I’ve been going to the Pickens Tech plant sale every year since 2001 and I’ve never seen it as busy as it was this morning. Talk about a plant feeding frenzy!

Pickens Tech is a career and technical school in Aurora, Colo., and the students in the horticulture assistant program work in the school’s greenhouses to plant, grow and sell annuals, vegetables, herbs and perennials to benefit the program.

The sale started this morning at 8:00 am and the plants were soon flying out of the greenhouses and into the backs of pickup trucks and the trunks of cars. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a parking spot and was surprised to see such long lines of gardeners waiting to checkout. But no one seemed to mind.

All of the greenhouses were crowded to overflowing with gardeners hunting for their favorite plants. Carts were loaded with red, coral, white and pink geraniums, some in small pots and others in large hanging baskets. Other hanging baskets held brilliant pink training petunias or red fuchsias. Patio pots were being scooped and stashed to the side. Tomato plants were also big sellers.

As for me, I bought a beautiful red ivy geranium in a hanging pot, a basket of pansies, two Coronado Red Agastache (a Plant Select recommendation), a small rosemary and an assortment of pepper plants. But I was disappointed that the purple fountain grass was already sold out.

The sale continues through this weekend and Monday and Tuesday of next week–if any plants are still there.


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Jodi – tickled to death to see your articles in today’s paper. Brad and I are still Realtors, still active (in spite of the economy.) Very much into gardening this year – Just doubled the size of my raised bed garden, using two composters for additional soil. Will also do lots of containers. Last year the squirrels ate my acorn squash and all my grapes disappeared from our yard/park fence, stems and all, on a weekend we were away.

Susan, your garden sounds wonderful and I’m so glad to hear you’re into composting. Here’s to a season of happy gardening!

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