Spain’s Exotic Fruits and Vegetables

la-boqueria-market-1-blogLa Boqueria Market in Barcelona is the ultimate farmers market.

John and I were in Barcelona in late March and our hotel was just a short walk from La Boqueria Market located along the Ramblas. While farmers markets in Colorado don’t really get going until summer, this covered marketplace was filled with stalls selling every kind of fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood, cheese, nuts and sweets you could imagine.

Some of the fruit was prepared in ready-to-go containers with little forks or whipped into smoothies in plastic cups with straws. We bought some papaya that was delicious–perfectly ripe and juicy.

There were some other exotic fruits, including the pitahaya fruit or dragon fruit. With its spiny skin, it’s easy to see how it got it’s nickname. This fruit grows on a cactus vine and can be eaten with a spoon, seeds and all.


I had a wonderful time in the market, looking for familiar vegetables, like the chile peppers I grow in my garden, as well as trying to identify unfamiliar varieties. Standing in front of this vegetable stall made me wonder what it must be like to have a garden here.



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What a wonderful trip you and John must have had. I love your website.

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