New Items for Gardening from Territorial Seed

The new gardening catalog from Territorial Seed Company is about twice the size of other seed catalogs.

I’ve written about Territorial Seed Company in the past and have placed orders with them. But the company’s garden seed, plants and supply catalog for spring 2013 is something special.

This catalog is huge and features 240 new gardening products for 2013.

Territorial Seed, located in Cottage Grove, Ore., was the first mail order catalog to offer the Mighty ‘Mato grafted tomatoes after trialing them in its gardens.

Gardeners responded to the superhero status of the Mighty ‘Mato and Territorial Seed sold out most varieties last season. The double variety (‘Sungold’ and ‘Sweet Million’) was especially popular with gardeners who wanted to grow two flavorful cherry tomatoes on one plant.

Grafted vegetables are included in the 2013 catalog including grafted peppers. One eggplant variety, ‘Rosa Bianca’ is also in the catalog.

All the grafted vegetables are grafted by hand.

Some of the new offerings in the catalog that caught my attention include the ‘Ghost Pepper’ that’s one of the hottest peppers in the world, ‘Hillbilly’ tomato, ‘Patio Snacker’ cucumber and Dr. Grimme’s Tater Tower. This stackable growing system makes it easier to grow potatoes in small spaces.

There are also plenty of flowers, like the new ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ echninacea with its unusual orangey color and ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ echinacea that is a blend of different colored blooms.

The new ‘Cool Wave’ mix pansies are cold hardy and provide color for hanging baskets or use as a ground cover.

If you’re into growing unusual tomatoes, you might want to try ‘Indigo Rose’ because of its incredible purplish-blue skin.

This beautiful tomato is sure to cause gardeners to look twice because it’s almost blue. ‘Indigo Rose’ was bred at Oregon State University and is the first widely available tomato with a high amount of anthocyanin (a naturally-occurring pigment) that causes the skin to be an incredible dark purplish-blue and the flesh a beautiful rose color.

Of course, there are many other tomatoes in the catalog, including some ultra-early varieties, like Glacier and Beaverlodge, that set fruit in cool weather and mature in 55 days.  These should do well in our finicky Zone 5 gardens because they were tested at the Beaverlodge Research Center in Alberta, Canada.

Territorial Seed has a well-rounded stock of other vegetable selections, including nice choices of beans, corn, lettuce and melons. There’s a little something for every kind of gardener including herbs, seed potatoes and garlic.

The company offers open-pollinated, heirloom, and conventional (hybrid) seed choices, live plants (including mushrooms), and gardening supplies. I appreciated the nice selection of seed-starting equipment and indoor lighting systems.

Territorial Seed has been a family-owned business since 1979. The owners, Tom and Julie Johns, have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and offer only untreated seed.


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Territorial Seed does an incredible job of finding and growing rare and interesting vegetable varieties. This is what makes it so seed-saving gardeners, such as myself, keep getting lured into buying the coolest vegetable seeds on the market.

I was gardening for the Pemberton and Whistler BC farmers markets for three years in Seton Portage BC some 20 years ago. We had a huge tomato field of 2000 plants as well as an very big garden of veggies and flowers.It was the best time of my life. I moved from there because of a major hydro system and everyone was dying of cancer. At least that ws the going word. I really miss gardening. I’ve been living on a sailboat since. I am tired of that now and want to go back to digging. Im looking at a farm to lease now and want to grow flowers and berries and fruit trees. I only bought Territorial seeds and always will.
PS; what’s a URI anyway? Is tht something like a CV ? !!!

Thanks for your comment, Robert. If you don’t find a farm to lease, I bet you can grow a few container vegetable plants on your sailboat!

Best wishes for getting back to the garden. I hope you’re able to start planting soon,

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