2010 Gardening Resolutions Contest

With the 2009 gardening season just a pleasant memory, it’s time to start planning for 2010.

Gardening Resolutions blogOne of the most important lessons I learned talking with other gardeners at the Garden Writers Symposium in September was that no matter what part of the country you live in, there are gardening challenges.

Too hot or too cold. Too much rain or too little. Hail. Bugs. Poor soil. Short seasons.  Squirrels.

But every gardener I talked with works hard to overcome the obstacles. It could be by using a  new planting technique, a simple trick to improve the soil, choosing different plant varieties, adding more of this or less of that. Sometimes we’re successful and other times we simply give up and resolve to do things differently next time.

Is there something you’ve resolved to do differently next gardening season? I’d love to know.

Add your gardening resolution for next year to the comment box below in this contest for a chance to win a garden gift grab bag that includes two seed collections from Renee’s Garden and other gardening goodies. One entry per person, limited to U.S. gardeners. The winner’s name will be drawn at random from all comments submitted before December 18, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. MST.

Just complete this sentence:

My gardening resolution for 2010 is to…


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My gardening resolution(s)– Compost more, and plant something new that I don’t know much or anything about. Plant a new variety of an old favorite.

I have been thinking alot about resolutions for all aspects of my life….but for the garden I have 2 so far….one is that I am going to try and employ the principles of permculture in the vegetable garden addition that I am planning. I am saving all the cardboard shipping boxes from the holidays to lay over my blood-mealed plot as a first step. And second (and I wrote about this very recently at my own site) – It dawned on me that I have none of my sentimental favorite plants in my current garden – and I need to plant some of them, I think it will help me feel more connected to my non-native New England Landscape.

My gardening resolution for 2010 is to share more of my time teaching and helping others to begin gardens. With a little encouragement more people would try growing.

My resolution is to divide my perenials and share them with friends and neighbors. This is healthy for my plants and will make a special gift for others at no cost!

I resolve to mulch more. I will mulch, I will mulch, I WILL mulch.

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