2010 Gardening Resolution is to Teach Others

In 2010 Lisa Gustavson resolves to spend more time teaching and helping others grow their own gardens. Lisa’s organic cottage garden (shown below) will surely serve as inspiration.

Lisa Gustavson's NY gardenThanks to all the gardeners who took a few minutes to contemplate their 2010 gardening resolutions and share them here.

The randomizer selected Lisa Gustavson’s number as the winner of the gardening gift grab bag.

Lisa gardens in Chili, New York, a town just outside of Rochester. She says her yard is in the process of being transformed into a series of gardens and plantings, but that it’s far from complete.

Her focus for the last two years has been a large organic “cottage style” heirloom vegetable garden filled with annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies all mingled together.

Lisa’s gardening resolution comes from the number of visitors to her garden who express surprise at what she can grow in an average backyard.

“I’d like to take more time in 2010 to encourage and help people to accomplish their own growing spaces,” she says.

“It’s a little too easy to become preoccupied with one’s own garden…there are so many people that would love to get started and with a little encouragement and help could be well on their way to a healthier way of living. I want to be part of that!”

In addition to Lisa’s resolution to help get others started on their gardening efforts, other gardeners say they resolve to:

  • Compost more
  • Plant a new variety of an old favorite
  • Mulch more
  • Divide perennials to share with friends and neighbors
  • Apply principles of permaculture to the vegetable garden
  • Plant some sentimental favorites

Are there any gardening resolutions you’d like to add to this list? Please share them here.


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Thank you for the fun contest! I look forward to sharing the prize as well as the great resolutions mentioned) with some new gardeners.

Lisa’s garden looks gorgeous! It’s certainly inspirational when planning next season’s gardens. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Merry Christmas!


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