15 Easy Garlic Recipes from Gardeners

More than 180 garlic-loving gardeners stopped by earlier this month for the online Garlic Planting Party sponsored by Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply. Maggie Wann was selected at random as the winner of the Purple Italian garlic prize package offered here.

Even if you didn’t win the prize package, there’s still time to order and plant your garlic.

Many people posted their favorite way to use garlic in their cooking, from roasted garlic to pasta sauces, pizza, stir fry, pesto and shrimp scampi.

Some gardener-cooks said they use garlic in just about everything they cook.

Like Su commented, “What’s a day without garlic?”

There were so many good ideas for using fresh garlic, I thought I’d include 15 easy garlic recipes that readers submitted for the contest. These all sounded too good to be relegated to the comments section of one blog post:

  1. Put whole peeled cloves in with vegetables when roasting.
  2. Warm up a grain, mix with crushed raw garlic and to top a bed of salad greens.
  3. Follow Debby’s Bagna Cauda recipe that uses peeled garlic cloves, 1 1/2 cups olive oil and a pat of butter; add to a covered casserole dish, with anchovies if desired, and bake at 275 degrees for 90 minutes. Serve hot as a dip with vegetables.
  4. Serve homemade bread with roasted garlic cloves and dip into olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  5. Use garlic scapes to make pesto.
  6. Chop garlic and freeze in small packets with herbs in olive oil. Toss into dishes right from the freezer to add instant flavor.
  7. Combine pasta with olive oil, lightly fried garlic and a hard cheese like Pecorino Romano.
  8. Make a garlic confit (garlic poached in oil to use in soups, pasta, sauces, etc.).
  9. Mince garlic with lemon juice, olive oil, white pepper and salt and mix into a salad dressing to serve over raw kale.
  10. Roast garlic cloves and then add them to soups and stews.
  11. Let garlic infuse in honey as a cold and flu remedy.
  12. Mix together garlic-ginger-lemon-honey tea as a cold and flu remedy.
  13. Inject garlic butter into turkeys, chicken, pork, beef for flavor and juiciness.
  14. Make the garlic roasted green beans with shallots, cranberries and almonds recipe.
  15. Follow Carole’s garlic chips recipe by slicing a good amount of garlic and frying in olive oil until crispy; drain and use them to top a burger or eat as a snack.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the Garlic Planting Party and for all these great garlic recipe ideas!


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